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The Naked Jaybird
An international intrigue
that would destroy America.

Goad of Honor
In the game of life, the rich get richer
despite themselves; the rest struggle
on dying in war, going to jail,
making their way against the odds.

Bent Coin
He who lacks honesty & integrity,
who deceives and cheats,
is naught but a bent coin

Lost River Bridge
A tale by a split personality
about a dying Ozark community,
of the real and the imaginary,
told by one, reported by the other.

Short Stories & Creativity

Our Life In The Arts
Fifty years of creativity in the arts:
theater — storytelling — writing

A Boy and His Horse
The autobiography of Kade Zachary.
Left alone in the Virginia woods in 1857,
a boy and his horse cross America
in search of an education.

Beginning Creative Writing
The art of creative writing;
12 lectures for those of any age
who seek to become successful authors.

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