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The Naked Jaybird
An international intrigue
that would destroy America.

Goad of Honor
In the game of life, the rich get
richer despite themselves; the
rest struggle on dying in war,
going to jail, making their way
against the odds.

Bent Coin
He who lacks honesty & integrity,
who deceives and cheats,
is naught but a bent coin

Lost River Bridge
A tale by a split personality
about a dying Ozark community,
of the real and the imaginary,
told by one, reported by the other.

Short Stories & Creativity

Our Life In The Arts
Fifty years of creativity in the arts:
theater — storytelling — writing

A Boy and His Horse
The autobiography of Kade Zachary.
On the death of his father in 1857
Kade, alone in the woods of Virginia,
sets off on his horse across America
in search of an education.

Beginning Creative Writing
The art of creative writing;
12 lectures for those of any age
who seek to become authors.

Slices of Life
50 stories of 500 words each,
ending with a character
on the verge of change.
Available paperback only.

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